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Partnerships & Resources

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City of Chicago Partnerships
Emergency Notifications
City of Chicago Agency Contacts, Social Media and Websites
Tabletop Exercise

City of Chicago Partnerships

BOMA/Chicago has been recognized by local and federal agencies as a key player in a productive and successful partner in the public-private partnership that exists with the City of Chicago’s emergency management agencies. Today BOMA/Chicago serves on the Chicago Public Private Task Force (CPPTF) which meets regularly with senior officials from the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, Chicago Police Department, Chicago Fire Department, and other public agencies, as well as private sector counterparts representing retail, financial, educational, and residential and the hospitality segments of the Central Business District.

Additionally, the City of Chicago maintains a number of agencies that respond and provide relief and recovery to emergencies and disasters.  The Office of Emergency Management (OEMC) coordinates emergency operations among all City agencies and partners with other public agencies and the private sector. City Departments involved in public safety are listed in the Resources section below.

Emergency Notification Resources

Building Members are encouraged to subscribe to the following emergency notification services to receive timely and accurate emergency information on everything from weather related emergencies to traffic alerts.

BOMA/Chicago Preparedness Slack Channel
Sign onto the BOMA/Chicago Preparedness Slack Channel to connect with the City of Chicago and other downtown property owners and managers to share and obtain the latest news and information related to downtown public safety issues.

Email the BOMA/Chicago office at for registration information.

Notify Chicago
Notify Chicago is a city service that provides residents with text messages, and/or e-mail alerts on various emergency and non-emergency situations taking place throughout Chicago. Participants receive up-to-date information on everything from weather-related emergencies to traffic alerts.

Register for Notify Chicago.

Chicago Business Alerts
Businesses can opt-in to receive targeted emergency alerts for the business community via CHIBIZ Emergency Alerts through the City of Chicago's Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) in partnership with the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management & Communications (OEMC).

Register for Chicago Business Alerts or text TEXT“CHIBIZ” to 6-7-2-8-3.

CP3 Mass Alert System
Chicago's Public and Private Partnership (CP3) initiative is a result of the City of Chicago's desire to strengthen partnerships with the private sector. All of our building members should register as CP3 partner which supports two-way communications with first responders. Building information, such as floor plans and photos, can be uploaded and accessed by first responders, saving them time and providing them with critical information as they respond to an emergency. Registration is as simple as completing the registration application. In order to maintain the security of this portal, all users undergo a vetting process.

Register for CP3.

Enter your phone and zip code with Nixle to receive text alerts from local agencies about severe weather, criminal activities, severe traffic, missing persons and local events in your area. For free service, sign up as a "resident."

Register for Nixle.

National Weather Service
Get National Weather Service (NWS) weather alerts via AccuWeather.

Register for National Weather Service.

Remember to update your information regularly with updated staff information after subscribing.

Link Your Cameras to Office of Emergency Management and Communications

Linking your building cameras into the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) provides additional points of contact across the City of Chicago that can be accessed during an emergency.

For more information, contact OEMC at 312.746.9111 and learn more about this initiative on the OEMC website.

Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises are used effectively by organizations to evaluate program plans, procedures and capabilities when preparing teams to respond effectively to an emergency.  The exercise relies on a facilitator guiding participants through discussion-based sessions where team members use one or more scenarios to discuss their roles during an emergency and their responses to a particular emergency.  They are cost-effective tools to validate emergency plans and capabilities. While our Tabletop Exercises are usually in person, you can download our "Take Home" Tabletop Exercise.