TOBY Award

2021 TOBY Application Season

Call for applications! The 2021 local TOBY award application season is now open. Please review the 2021 Entry Requirements (listed below), which outline the categories your building may enter. Applications must be submitted on the online TOBY portal by the deadline: September 23 by 5:00 p.m. CST.

To win the International TOBY award, you must first apply and win on the local and regional levels. You are more TOBY-ready than you think! And that is why we encourage you to apply for the local 2021 TOBY. This is your chance to showcase your expertise and excellence in property management. To enter the local TOBY awards competition, you must first pay the $300 entry fee directly to BOMA/Chicago. To pay this fee (via credit card or invoice), please log into the BOMA/Chicago website and then click here. You must pay the $300 fee to BOMA/Chicago before you submit your application. 

Fun Fact: BOMA/Chicago Wins Time & Again!
For the past four years, every single local TOBY winner has also gone on to win the Regional competition. For the past five years, at least one BOMA/Chicago building has won an International TOBY. And in 2020, half of BOMA/Chicago's International finalists (four buildings) won the International award! This directly reflects the quality and strength of Chicago’s TOBY program and how we prepare the building teams to actually take home a TOBY! Click here to review the BOMA/Chicago TOBY winners dating back to 2010.

Application Information: Guidelines, FAQ & Entry Requirements

Please read through the below documents if you are interested in applying for a 2021 local TOBY award:


TOBY Inspection Information Sheets & Verification Forms

Inspections will be held between October 12 and November 13. You will be assigned your inspection date in early October; all buildings will be notified on the same day of when their inspection is scheduled. All buildings will have at least one week to prepare for the inspection. BOMA/Chicago suggests that you be prepared for an inspection from the moment you submit your local TOBY application.


Due to COVID-19, only two judges will come to your building for the on-site inspection. We ask that you limit two of your own staff to meeting with the judges at any given time. Inspections will be held live, but in smaller groups.


Judges will not grade your inspection online. Judges will complete hard copies of the inspection sheets below. After the January 2021 Gala, BOMA/Chicago will send you the grades and comments from each judge. Click on your category to open your respective inspection sheet:

Another form, besides the inspection and judging forms, will also be used this year – the TOBY Inspection Verification Form (listed below). Please review all of these forms before your inspection. You will only need to submit the Inspection Verification Form if you proceed to the regional/international competition. If you proceed to these levels, BOMA/Chicago will provide you with a signed Inspection Verification Form to attach to your regional/international application.

Have Questions?

If you have any TOBY questions, please contact Jaclynne Madden, Director of Education, at or (312) 870-9608.