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Major Renovations, Energy Efficiency, and COVID-19

Over the past several months, engineers and contractors have collaborated on new technologies and strategies to mitigate the opportunities to spread COVID-19 in their facilities. Modifications to design standards are becoming more common in the market, including new types of air filters, new applications for UV lighting, and modifications to existing spaces for safer social distancing.

Buildings that are proactively designed to slow the spread of viruses have excellent potential to protect the safety and wellness of the general workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing many buildings to adopt more health-conscious strategies, and those benefits could last long after the pandemic fades. As offices reopen across the country, many companies are considering all their options to promote a safe and healthy return to work. Improving air quality is another important component of many office “back to work” wellness programs. By upgrading HVAC systems with improved filtration methods, engineers can improve the indoor air quality and limit the spread of viruses by increasing the circulation of clean air while reducing the circulation of infectious particles.

Measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, like increased ventilation and better filtration, can increase energy usage. If you are considering a major renovation of your space, consider working with the ComEd’s Commercial, Industrial, and Public Sector New Construction Offering to identify energy saving measures that can help offset these costs and help keep your energy bills low. Measures like optimizing your building envelope, incorporating efficient lighting, and installing a building automation system can help offset the costs and increased energy use sometimes necessary for improved indoor air quality.

New construction and major renovations projects can be costly. As a result, many buildings are taking advantage of ComEd’s Commercial, Industrial, and Public Sector New Construction Offering. The program pairs a technical expert with your design team early in the process to assist and ensure that your building design is incorporating energy conservation measures. In addition to design assistance, we offer a one-time financial incentive to help with the cost of building beyond code.

After working with the ComEd’s Commercial, Industrial, and Public Sector New Construction offering, you end up with a more efficient, safer building that has a shorter payback period with fewer annual operating costs.

ComEd’s Commercial, Industrial, and Public Sector New Construction offering has been supporting Major Renovation, addition/expansion, and new construction projects for over 10 years and has worked on over 900 projects.

To apply, you will need to confirm the following eligibility requirements:

  • Project is early in the planning process (preferably at concept development or schematic design phase).
  • Scope includes significant upgrades to at least two of the following four building energy systems: envelope, primary HVAC equipment, lighting, and qualifying refrigeration systems.
  • Project will exceed the current Illinois Energy Conservation Code requirements for energy efficiency.
  • Project is at least 5,000 square feet
  • Project is located in ComEd service territory.

To find out more about our program, visit, email or call 855-433-2700 and ask to speak with a New Construction representative.

Case Study

On one such project ComEd’s Commercial, Industrial, and Public Sector New Construction offering partnered with Sterling Bay and DLR Group to identify energy conservation measures (ECM) for the 311 W Monroe Office Renovation Project.

The ComEd team provided energy modeling services and calculated energy savings and incentives for implementing the following ECM’s:

  • Replaced Interior lighting power density.
  • Implemented demand control ventilation system and installed high efficiency roof top air conditioning technology.

A result of the renovation, Sterling Bay and DLR Group will save an estimated $30,611* in annual energy costs.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offers are subject to change. Actual savings will vary by customer’s energy usage and rate. © Commonwealth Edison Company, 2021. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is funded in compliance with state law.