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BOMA/Chicago’s Holiday Downtown Ambassador Program A Success

BOMA/Chicago's holiday "Downtown Ambassador" program in the Loop concluded at the end of December. We partnered with CleanSlate to provide the ambassador service.

During the program, Ambassadors worked 1,234 hours and patrolled 1,798 miles. Ambassadors also reported there was never a need to contact 911.

One of the critical roles our Downtown Ambassadors played was to create a sense of safety to those working, living, and shopping downtown. Ambassadors took pride in assisting those who were exploring downtown to ensure they had a safe and enjoyable experience.

Ambassadors focused on commuting corridors and transit stations, roughly concentrating between Clark to the east and Canal to the west. Actively circulating downtown streets to offer a friendly welcome to tenants and visitors, Ambassadors reported cleanliness problems, and served as additional eyes and ears to alert police of any safety issues.

As a result of the program and the positive outcomes achieved, the City of Chicago is currently exploring opportunities to extend our Downtown Ambassador program into 2022.

The program was funded through a Back to Business grant from the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP).

This was a temporary holiday program and we are interested in any feedback you may have from your interactions with our Ambassadors. Please direct comments to BOMA/Chicago Executive Director Farzin Parang at