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Save Money and Energy with the Peoples Gas Commercial and Industrial Program

The Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Program can help your building save money and energy. The program’s energy advisors will meet with you to discuss natural gas savings measures for your building and perform a free energy assessment. In addition, you will be provided with a customized recommendation report to help identify additional energy-saving improvements that qualify for program rebates and incentives.

The quickest payback incentives available in cold weather include steam trap testing and replacementinsulation and boiler tune-ups for buildings with gas-fired heat. Steam trap projects often have a payback of less than one heating season due to the savings in natural gas, water and chemical treatment. Combined with program rebates, the payback can be as low as one month. These rebates also help insulation and boiler tune-up projects pay back in less than a year.

For steam trap testing, pre-approval is required for all projects. Before applying for steam trap testing rebates, contact the program to verify eligibility. The contractor you decide to use needs to be pre-approved by the program before work can begin. Steam traps can be tested every 36 months, so if you know that you’ve had steam trap testing done in the past, they may be eligible to be tested again. Get steam traps tested now to ensure you’re running at peak efficiency for the rest of the winter months.

Rebates are available for steam trap testing completed before March 31.

Customers can get prescriptive rebates when they install qualifying steam traps, pipe, valve and fitting insulation, boiler reset controls, demand-controlled ventilation, commercial kitchen equipment and other natural-gas-saving measures. Only new products that meet the energy efficiency specifications listed on the prescriptive application qualify. Complete terms and conditions can be found on the prescriptive application form.

Custom incentives available

If you’re interested in energy efficiency upgrades not covered by the prescriptive rebate offering, you can apply for custom incentives. Energy advisors and engineers will work with you or a contractor to calculate potential energy savings for proposed projects. Financial incentives will be offered for individual projects based on projected energy savings. Customers must receive pre-approval before equipment is purchased and projects begin.

The Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Program can also help you optimize your systems to maximize your energy savings. The Study program is a new initiative designed to help customers identify and implement no- and low-cost measures to increase system performance.

Customers that use at least 500,000 therms annually for steam plants and/or process heating qualify. This offer is available to customers with buildings 75,000 square feet or larger seeking to optimize central heating plants and/or air handling systems equipped with building automation systems (direct digital controls systems preferred).

To learn more and start saving today, please reach out to or, or visit