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Gas and Electric Energy Efficiency Incentive Program Updates

July 17, 2018


The BOMA/Chicago Energy and Sustainability Committee held an open meeting on July 11 for all BOMA/Chicago members. The meeting focused on assessments, discounts, incentives and optimization opportunities that are available for commercial real estate operators through Peoples Gas and ComEd.

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program

ComEd has partnered with Waypoint Energy to identify energy efficiency improvements with commercial real estate facilities and to provide support for its trade allies. Jennifer Allen of Waypoint Energy presented an overview of ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Program and how it changed under the recently passed Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), which will increase funding for energy efficiency from $250M up to $400M per year by 2030.

All ComEd commercial customers under 10 megawatts are eligible for the Energy Efficiency Program.

Standard and custom incentives are available under the ComEd program, and in 2018 ComEd is also offering two special targeted bonus offers. The first is the Variable Speed Drive Bonus which is available until September 30.  It provides an incentive bonus for HVAC fans & pumps. Also available until December 31, 2018 is the “Made in Illinois Bonus” which provides a 10% bonus for products that are 50% manufactured or assembled in Illinois.

For more information, contact:

Jenn Allen, Utility & Energy Associate
(872) 212-6500.

Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Program

In addition to ComEd’s program, BOMA/Chicago members that are gas customers also have a growing array of incentives available from Peoples Gas. Kevin McKay and Vanessa Perkins of Franklin Energy, the administrator of Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Program outlined the prescriptive and custom rebates that are available to commercial customers. Prescriptive rebates are available for steam trap surveys and failed open traps, boiler tune-ups, pipe insulation and equipment upgrades.

Under the custom program, private sector customers can realize rebates for the lesser of $1 per therm first year savings for projects greater than 7,500 therms, ($0.75 per therm first year savings for projects equal to or less than 7,500 therms) or a buy down to one-year payback, or 50% of the total project cost or full incremental cost.

For public sector customers, the rebates are the  lesser of $2.50/therm first year savings, buy down to one-year payback, or  75% of the total project cost or full incremental  project cost.

Additional incentives are available for gas optimaization studies, engineering studies, and retro-commissioning.   Staffing grants are available to help businesses overcome barriers that prevent the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

For New Construction, Peoples Gas offers a gas only incentive but also has a joint program with ComEd which provides both gas and electric incentives.

The incentives available to Peoples Gas customers in Chicago are also available to North Shore Gas customers.

For more information:

Vanessa Perkins, Energy Advisor
312-878-0038, Ext 2629 (office)

Kevin McKay, Energy Advisor
312-878-0038, Ext 2602

For additional information about BOMA/Chicago's Energy and Sustainability Committee, contact committee liaison and BOMA/Chicago Director of Government Affairs Ron Tabaczynski at (312) 870-9611.