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BOMA/Chicago’s Chief Curmudgeon Enlightened by our Hometown Heroes, the Chicago Cubs

My job as chief staff officer for BOMA/Chicago often involves criticizing and opposing proposed actions that we view as damaging to our members, the commercial real estate industry, and our great city. Sometimes I’m a naysayer and sometimes I go on a rant. But not today.

Today it’s about celebrating our Cubbies in the World Series.

For all that’s wrong and troubling in Chicago these days, it’s incredibly refreshing to have something to be proud about, something that brings honor and celebration to our city, something that so embodies the can-do spirit of our city and our Cubs, something that recognizes this amazing accomplishment by the team, the owners and managers, and the fans.

As BOMA/Chicago’s professional curmudgeon, it’s not often that something as sweet as this brings a smile and a tear of joy to my face. But it did on Saturday night. I’ve never been a huge baseball fan, but I think that many Chicagoans like me became fans on Saturday – at least for a little while, but maybe for a lifetime. So thanks to our Cubs for that.

Please join me and the BOMA/Chicago family by lighting your buildings blue for our home town heroes as they begin the World Series of this amazing season.