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Full Designation Scholarship

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Full Designation Scholarship

Would you like to earn a Real Property Administrator (RPA) or Facilities Management Administrator (FMA) designation that will propel your career and mold you into a commercial real estate leader? Do you want to earn this designation, valued at $10,000, at no cost?

Apply for the BOMA/Chicago Foundation's Full Designation Scholarship – a needs-based opportunity that provides the $10,000 full tuition for all eight classes leading to either the RPA or FMA designation.

Full Designation Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Please review the below eligibility criteria for this needs-based scholarship. If you meet these criteria, we invite you to apply for the 2025 scholarship season, which will open in September 2024. If you plan to apply for this scholarship, please email Jaclynne Madden or call (312) 870-9608 so that we can discuss the application process and requirements.

  • Current employer pays for zero or one classes per calendar year.
  • Must have a minimum of two years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Applicants must have 24 months of commercial real estate experience by January 2025. The experience must specifically be in a commercial real estate property management role (residential and retail experience does not count toward the 24 months).
    • *Internships may be eligible to count toward the 24 months of experience. Please see the below note.
    • Please contact Jaclyne Madden at if you have questions about your eligibility.
  • Have taken three or less RPA/FMA designation classes prior to applying for the scholarship.
  • Completion of at least one year of college level courses at a college/university and earned a GPA of 2.5/4.0 or 3.5/5.

*Internship Experience Requirements

If you have completed a commercial real estate internship, you may apply to have the time spent in the internship count towards the required 24 months of experience. The internship experience must be focused on commercial real estate property management (residential and retail experience does not count). Along with your application, please include one document that describes:

  1. Timeframe: Indicate the dates of your internship(s).
  2. Number of Hours: Indicate the number of hours for each internship and whether the internships were full-time or part-time.
  3. Responsibilities: Describe your internship responsibilities and the skills you acquired.

The Foundation's Scholarship Committee or other appropriate body will determine whether an internship may count toward the required experience by comparing its length, contiguousness, recentness, and scope of work to typical full-time work experience. Applicants may be required to submit additional material to aid in this evaluation.

Previous Recipients & Testimonials

You can read testimonials from previous scholars here. The list of recipients since the Full Designation Scholarship program began is listed below.

2024: Anne Kaberna, JLL
2023: Jeff Bentley, JLL
2022: Maureen Mwangi, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare
2021: Nicole Papazian, JLL
2020: Caroline Foulk, JLL
2019: Allie Borrego, JLL; earned RPA in 2021
2018: Zaena Rihani; earned RPA in 2020
2017: Kim Conolty, Ameritus
2016: Cydney Hargro
2015: Rachael Melone, Zeller Realty Group; earned RPA in 2016
2015: Caitlin Davy; earned RPA in 2017
2014: Joe Sherman, Chicago Symphony Orchestra; earned RPA and FMA in 2015
2013: Teresa Amaro, CBRE; earned RPA in 2014
2012: Kelly Davies, Landro Fox Cities Realty; earned RPA in 2013

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