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Energy and Sustainability Committee Seeking Information About Rider NS

May 9, 2021


BOMA/Chicago’s Energy and Sustainability Committee is currently gathering information from members about ComEd’s rider for nonstandard service (Rider NS).

Under Rider NS, ComEd can charge customers for services and facilities that are considered larger, more, or different than what is provided as standard under ComEd’s rates. The Rider NS might include additional lines or extra equipment necessary to manage the high electrical demand at a building. Nonstandard service charges are paid monthly in the form of a rental fee based on the difference between the charges for nonstandard and standard service. The language of Rider NS also requires that nonstandard facilities be determined by agreement between ComEd and the customer.

To determine if your building is paying a non-standard rental charge, look for a line item referred to as “Nonstandard Facilities Charge” on your monthly ComEd bill. If you are being billed for a nonstandard charge, BOMA/Chicago recommends that you try to obtain a copy of the Nonstandard Facilities Rental Service/Rider NS Agreement. If there is one, your ComEd Customer Service Representative should be able to provide a copy.  It should list the nonstandard services and facilities that you are being billed for and the date of the agreement.

The Energy and Sustainability Committee wants to better understand Rider NS application to building members. The committee has developed a short survey to collect Rider NS information from members. Building members are encouraged to participate and complete the survey by Tuesday, May 18.