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Labor Contract Guidance for Signatory Buildings

March 20, 2020


False rumors have been circulating to the effect that BOMA/Chicago and SEIU Local 1 have reached an agreement on changes to the collective bargaining agreements between us covering janitorial and security personnel as they relate to compensation for time off and reduced scheduling related to the COVID-19 pandemic. No such changes have been made. In order to dispel those rumors and to assist our building members and contractors, it's important to understand what our three collective bargaining agreements permit and require for building engineers, janitorial and security professionals in their current and unchanged forms.

BOMA/Chicago’s labor counsel has provided three memos that explain and clarify relevant provisions in each of our three collective bargaining agreements dealing with changes in workloads, staffing and compensation issues arising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Go to the Coronavirus Response Labor Resources page to access the memos.

Please note the three memos are exclusive to BOMA/Chicago members. To access on the following page, you must be a member and you must log into the website. Once you log in, you will see the memos listed at the bottom of that page.