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Novel Coronavirus: Public Health Response and Resources

February 25, 2020


With global instances of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks increasing, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is monitoring the emerging, rapidly evolving situation and will provide updated information as it becomes available, in addition to updated guidance.

Currently, COVID-19 is spreading from person to person in China, and limited spread among close contacts has been detected in some countries outside China, including the United States. At this time, however, this virus is NOT spreading in communities in the U.S. and the health risk to the general public remains low both in the U.S. and in Chicago.

The goal of the ongoing U.S. public health response is to detect new cases quickly and prevent community spread of COVID-19. The coming days and weeks are likely to bring more confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. and globally, but strong public health measures now may blunt the impact of the virus. The Chicago Department of Public Health is monitoring the situation carefully and will rapidly communicate any changes in this guidance.

For updated guidance and information from the CDC and CDPH, as well as links to additional resources, please consult the following links:

The Centers for Disease Control - CDC COVID 19 Home Page

The Chicago Department of Public Health Coronavirus(COVID-19) Page

There is a sign-up page for email updates from the CDC at CDC COVID-19 Email List.

Additional resources, including a downloadable pandemic guide, can be found at the BOMA/Chicago Website/Coronavirus.