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About Legislative Action Center

In addition to full time staff, BOMA/Chicago members are represented by registered professional lobbyists. One team monitors and responds to state matters, including critical matters before the Illinois General Assembly. In addition to this state legislative team, BOMA/Chicago members are also well represented at City Hall and before Cook County policy makers.

BOMA/Chicago is part of the BOMA International federation and through participation BOMA International’s government affairs committees, list serve, and Rapid Response Team, BOMA/Chicago members are represented and informed on national issues affecting their operations.

Members receive periodic alerts about state, local and national matters, which identify legislative and regulatory issues that need immediate action. These timely alerts help mobilize the industry and are highly effective in informing legislators and regulators of BOMA/Chicago’s position on issues of concern. Members also receive updates of government affairs through this website and through the BOMA/Chicago newsletter and blog.

To represent the Illinois state legislative and advocacy interests of BOMA/Chicago, we have long retained the services of attorney Steve Morrill and the Morrill & Associates lobbying firm:


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