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Smart Streets Pilot Program/Smart Loading Zones Pilot Program

During the January City Council Meeting, Mayor Lightfoot and several aldermanic cosponsors introduced the “Smart Streets Pilot Program and Smart Loading Zone Pilot Program.” This ordinance will create two two-year pilot programs aimed at using technology to discourage drivers from obstructing crosswalks, commercial loading zones, and bike and bus lanes in the Central Business District (CBD).

  • The Smart Streets Pilot Program would authorize the City to ticket registered vehicle owners by mail for various infractions, including parking in bike lanes, bus-only lanes, crosswalks, bus stops, and no parking zones. In addition, the ordinance allows for cameras to be fixed on City poles or on the front of City or CTA vehicles. When a potential violation is photographed, it will be individually reviewed and then sent to the Department of Finance (DOF) to be processed. When the City begins camera enforcement of parking or standing violations in areas with posted signs, the ordinance proposes a 30-day warning period for first-time violators and anyone ticketed within 30 days of the installation of a new camera.
  • The Smart Loading Zones Pilot Program would authorize the use of license plate reading camera technology for payment processing and enforcement of commercial loading zones.

While many of our member buildings have off-street loading options, we know many vendors use commercial loading zones throughout the CBD to provide goods and services to our buildings. There is also a general interest in maintaining and improving the safety of downtown streets and efficiency of downtown traffic movement. BOMA/Chicago will follow the progress of this ordinance and keep members updated of any developments. Please share your questions and concerns with Rob Johnson at