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E-Scooter Program Expands in Central Business District

The Chicago Department of Transportation has announced the expansion of Lime Scooters into the Central Business District. This expansion into downtown comes with an overall doubling of Lime’s fleet to 2,000 scooters citywide. Of that number, 20 scooters will now be allowed into the CBD at any one time throughout the day. Unlike Divvy e-scooters, Lime vehicles currently do not have the ability to dock into existing bike-share stations. Users of Lime scooters will be guided to suggested locking locations, primarily dedicated bike corrals, via the company’s app.

Lime is the first of the three licensed e-scooter companies to request and be granted access to the CBD. We can expect at least one of the remaining two companies, Spin and Superpedestrian, to follow suit in the near future. Should either of the two companies be granted permission to operate downtown, they each would also be limited to 20 scooters at one time.

Please contact Rob Johnson with any additional questions or comment you may have.