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Building Members Can Link Exterior Cameras to OEMC

Building Members can help create a safer Chicago by linking exterior cameras to Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) to provide additional points of contact during an emergency.

The OEMC’s Private Sector Camera Initiative links Chicago-based organizations, companies, and sister agencies’ camera systems into their state-of-the-art unified video surveillance network.

Linking exterior cameras to OEMC requires the following:

  • Compatible camera/s with OEMC’s video management platform
  • Meeting broadband specifications, including a public IP address directly accessible by OEMC over the internet (recommended minimum uplink speed is 128Mbps).
  • Stratocast connection to upload video (for IP cameras only)
  • Memorandum of Understanding

Once the equipment is in place, OEMC’s Surveillance Video Architect will conduct a site visit to configure the router if analog cameras are being used.

Camera feeds, which should be directed toward the public way, are only accessed by highly trained Crime Surveillance Specialists during emergency situations. The owner of the camera can establish the level of camera control granted to OEMC during the setup process. OEMC does not record the camera feeds.

Even if you are not ready to connect your cameras to the OEMC today, you may consider installing compatible cameras the next time you upgrade. Should you decide to connect to OEMC in the future, having compatible cameras in place will allow you to connect more easily.

To learn more about linking your camera/s, contact OEMC at (312) 746.9111.