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Are you BOMA 360 certified? Learn more about BOMA 360 and the 2023 TOBY requirements.

IMPORTANT TOBY UPDATE: For the next TOBY season (the 2023 season and beyond), all TOBY applicants must have the BOMA 360 designation. This is a brand-new criterion that has been implemented by BOMA International. For the 2023 TOBY season and beyond, your building will need to be a BOMA 360 designee before applying for the TOBY.

The BOMA 360 Performance Program sets the standard for best practices in the CRE industry. Earning the 360 designation tells the world that your property has achieved the highest standards of operational excellence and gives your property an unbeatable competitive advantage and numerous benefits, including higher tenant satisfaction levels and rental rates.

Among BOMA/Chicago's membership of 250 buildings, 48 buildings have earned the BOMA 360 designation. Are you ready to apply and earn the 360 designation? Learn more and apply for BOMA 360 today!

Please read through the important information below:

  • You can learn more about BOMA 360 and access the 360 portal here:
  • The list of BOMA 360 buildings can be found here. If your building is not listed, you are not a BOMA 360 designee (yet!).
  • If you plan to apply for a TOBY in 2023, you will need to apply and/or maintain your BOMA 360 certification by one of the following 360 deadlines:
    • Q1 Applicant Deadline – April 30, 2022
    • Q2 Applicant Deadline – July 31, 2022
  • The 2023 Chicago TOBY application deadline will be September 21, 2022. In order to create and submit a TOBY application by the local 9/21 deadline, you will first need to apply for BOMA 360 by April 30 or July 31.
  • If you have questions about the BOMA 360 process, application, deadlines, etc., please contact Joel Corley at Joel can also tell you when you will need to re-certify if you already have the BOMA 360 designation.
  • The pricing for BOMA 360 and TOBY has also been updated:
    • The BOMA 360 application cost is $850.
    • For TOBY applicants, there is a local $300 fee to enter the BOMA/Chicago competition. There is a separate BOMA International fee of $450 for local winners who proceed to the regional TOBY competition.
    • Please also note that the TOBY portal will be refreshed and updated for the 2023 season. More information and training resources on the new TOBY portal will be sent out in June.
  • The new BOMA 360 and TOBY portals will be tied to each other and this will streamline the TOBY application process.
  • In other words, if any uploads were required in the 360 application that are also required as part of the TOBY application, you will not need to upload those attachments again for the TOBY application.
  • Applicants will mainly be inputting narrative descriptions in TOBY.

We hope you will consider applying for BOMA 360 as soon as possible and that you will also apply for a TOBY in 2023! Since 2016, 15 BOMA/Chicago buildings have won the International TOBY award…and YOU could be next!