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City Anticipates Lifting City’s Mask Mandate Around Same Time as Governor

In Chicago, the City has both a mask mandate and, for certain public places like restaurants and gyms, a proof-of-vaccination mandate. The lifting of the State mask mandate does not impact Chicago. The City of Chicago sets its own mandates based on local data and can be more restrictive than the State.

However, the pandemic risk factors in the City continue to trend down, and the City’s Department of Health anticipates lifting the City mandates around the same time.

The City’s Department of Health is continuing to use the same metrics it developed for determining when to revisit its mandates: three of the four risk factors in the chart below must drop into the “Lower Transmission” range and stay there for 14 days (one incubation period of the virus).

Right now, those metrics are trending downward rapidly enough that the City anticipates being able to lift both of the local mandates at the same time or very soon after the State mask mandate is lifted on February 28. The details are still in development, but the current intent is to repeal both public health orders establishing the mandates in their entirety, meaning that no masking or proof of vaccination of any sort would be required.

Like everything with the pandemic, the situation is fluid, and it is possible the metrics will change. We will keep you updated.