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BOMA/Chicago Invited to Contribute to City’s Zero Net Carbon Buildings Strategy

May 25, 2021


BOMA/Chicago has been invited to serve on the Policy Development Working Group to develop Chicago’s Zero Net Carbon Buildings Strategy to improve health and equity outcomes.

The working group is an outcome of stakeholder engagement activities hosted by the City of Chicago to understand the diverse, sector- and community-specific perspectives on Chicago’s path to Zero Net Carbon buildings.

The focus of this Working Group is to develop recommendations that will form the foundation for Chicago’s Zero Net Carbon Strategy and will include discussion of all building types, with a specific emphasis on creating pathways for success for homes and other buildings in our most historically underserved and/or environmentally overburdened communities.

Consisting of three sub-group topic areas, the group will focus on:

1) Financial Programs/Technical Assistance
2) Existing Buildings, and
3) New Construction.

Themes such as eliminating barriers to participation, maximizing local community benefits, and creating meaningful career opportunities, will be weaved into all the sub-working group topics.

The group will launch on June 2 and will continue to meet throughout the summer. Staff will represent BOMA/Chicago on the Working Group. The Energy and Sustainability Committee will also establish a parallel advisory group to advise on specific technical issues.