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BOMA/Chicago Advocates for All Building Employees to Be Included in Vaccination Phase 1B

January 27, 2021


Beginning on January 25, 2021, under the Illinois COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Plan, essential workers prioritized under Phase 1B will be eligible to get vaccinated.

Under federal guidelines, commercial facilities are designated as a critical sector and our personnel as “essential workers.” However, most building personnel--property managers, building engineers, security staff, fire safety directors, janitorial personnel, and service technicians (e.g., mechanical, HVAC, plumbers, electricians, and elevator)—are designated as 1C and will not be eligible until the next round of vaccinations. BOMA/Chicago is advocating for higher priority across state and local governments.

There is ambiguity as to whether building security personnel can be included in Phase 1B that we are working to resolve with the City of Chicago, and we are advocating to the Governor’s Office and the Illinois Department of Public Health that all other building personnel be accelerated to Phase 1B.

Building employees have been essential in keeping office buildings open and supporting the tens of thousands of businesses operating in our buildings, and will play a critical role in reopening our local economy. We will keep you posted as we learn more.