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September 9 Downtown Security Update

September 9, 2020


On September 9, 2020, BOMA/Chicago received a brief security update from the Mayor's office that included the following information:

Protest Update: There were no protests of major concern this past weekend and none resulted in large scale police action, although we were prepared with City assets throughout the area.

Investigations and Arrests Update: Chicago Police Department (CPD) detectives continue to have success in obtaining additional information, arrests, and identification of stolen goods as follows:

* 42 YouTube videos seeking information
* 883 “seeking to identify photos” on the CPD website
* 52 felony arrests
* 39 positive under-cover buys of stolen goods
* 200 guns were taken in during the Labor Day weekend.

Two Practice Drills this Week: In the continued effort to protect businesses and residents, CPD will conduct two practice drills this week on Thursday, September 10.

* The first drill will be in the Brickyard Mall, 25th District.
* The second drill will be in the 47th and Cottage Grove corridor in the 2nd District.

The purpose of the mission is to ensure rapid deployment of CPD personnel and other city assets in times of large scale disturbances.

Mexican Independence Day Celebration Update: This coming weekend there will likely be large number of cars in caravans related to the Mexican Independence Day celebration. In past years, the caravan has traveled through multiple districts and into downtown causing traffic congestion. CPD is preparing to divert traffic to minimize the negative impact on businesses and residents and may enact street closures to divert the caravan into alternative routes.