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CFD Guidance on Fire and Life Safety Compliance Issues During COVID-19

June 18, 2020


At this time the Chicago Fire Commissioner has put a moratorium on all high rise building fire drills for the safety of all involved.  The moratorium follows the direction of the City of Chicago Health Department, State of Illinois and the CDC as it relates to gatherings and social distancing.

The Chicago Fire Department (CFD) further recommends that building management reiterates safety procedures to returning workers via a safe and effective method.

CFD can conduct a virtual Fire Safety seminar for buildings that wish to arrange one.

Fire Safety Directors whose certification is about to expire or has just expired should take action as soon as possible to secure re-certification.  Individuals seeking recertification:

  • May pay online or at department of Revenue
  • Notify Wally Schroeder via email once above is completed to schedule a testing date
  • Only one FSD at a time for testing to allow 6 ft distance
  • Must have a face covering on at ALL TIMES

Individuals whose FSD certification has expired or will be expiring very soon this must take action ASAP to maintain up to date certification. The next date of the FSD class is still undetermined due to Covid-19.

Please contact Wally Schroeder directly with any questions.