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Mayor Lightfoot Launches Chicago Energy Rating System

August 22, 2019


Chicago became the first US city with a large building energy rating requirement with the formal launch of the Chicago Energy Rating System on August 20, 2019. The ordinance, adopted in 2017, will rate building energy efficiency performance on a zero to four-star scale, based on the four stars of the Chicago flag.

Buildings will be issued a Chicago Energy Rating Placard and required to display the placard in a prominent location within their property and share this rating when listing the property for sale or lease.

The Chicago Energy Rating Placards will be issued every year after the June 1 energy benchmarking deadline. The City will began mailing the first batch of 2019 Energy Rating Placards to property representatives the week of August 20, with the remaining Placards to be finalized and mailed by mid- September. In this first year only, property owners will have a six month grace period to post their Placards. In future years, the Placards must be posted as soon as they are received in the mail.

The City’s Energy Benchmarking Help Center is available on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm to answer any questions (except major holidays). The Help Center can be reached by phone at (855) 858-6878 or by email to:

Read the official press release from the City of Chicago to learn more.