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Chicago Fire Department Looking for Building Partners

July 23, 2019


The Chicago Fire Department is looking for BOMA/Chicago member buildings to help them with some training opportunities. Building partners are needed for the following:

  • Fire Safety Director Program Classes - Buildings interested in hosting a Fire Safety Director Certification class in 2019/2020. Space needs to accommodate up to 35 people. Classes are held for 4 hours a day over three consecutive days.
  • Blind Shaft Elevator Rescue Training - Buildings undergoing any elevator shaft work that would give the Chicago Fire Department an opportunity to practice blind shaft rescues.
  • New Equipment and Procedures Training.  Buildings that have open floors, optimally a floor/area that would not be occupied and would have offices or rooms that would allow fire companies to lead out hose from a stairwell with a working stand pipe.

For more information or to volunteer your building for any of the above opportunities, please contact Walter Schroeder, Chicago Fire Department Deputy District Chief at (312) 747-1699 or via email at