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Safety Drill Best Practice Added to Preparedness Best Practices Library

May 21, 2019


BOMA/Chicago's Emergency Preparedness Committee added a new Safety Drill Best Practice to the Preparedness Best Practices Library.

As property management and security teams have a range of possible drill options available to them - including fire evacuation drills, severe weather shelter-in-place drills, active threat run-hide-fight drills - it's a best practice for high-rise commercial buildings to rehearse for each of these threats or hazards within their facility.

Other best practices contained in the library include:

Learn more about the Preparedness Best Practices Library.

The best practice measures are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute any set standard, guideline or code. They are offered as possible options to consider when developing response measures to issues in a commercial office building.  When developing response measures, there are many variables to consider, such as building setup and size, staffing makeup, shift, time of day, etc. The purpose of these measures is to provide general information to those persons responsible for developing site specific response measures, but they do not constitute any set policy or procedure; they are practices that can be considered when drafting site specific response plans.