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Brazen New Tactic in Loop Bicycle Thefts

March 5, 2019


BOMA/Chicago property managers and their security teams enjoy a strong partnership with the Chicago Police Department and work diligently to prevent crime on and near their properties.  One of the most recent challenges that they are confronting is bicycle theft.

Bicycle theft has been an increasing concern as the City becomes more bike-friendly and more people use bicycles to commute to their workplace.  Like all things, practical security measures and anti-theft practices can reduce the instance of theft, but lately security teams in and around the Loop have observed a very disturbing tactic by would-be thieves.

There have been several instances of an individual posing as security officer or in some official capacity while brazenly using an angle grinder to cut through a locks used on a properties bike rack.  The individual has been observed carrying a messenger bag and wearing  bright yellow safety vest, hard hat, ID badge, and in one instance, what appears to be a police star.

For more information, video and photos of the incident, please see the story at Block Club Chicago.

Anyone who has additional information or security footage that can be shared is asked to contact Detective David Salazar at 312-747-8380 or their CPD business liaison.