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BOMA/Chicago Notes Cost Concerns in Response to ICC NextGrid Report

January 15, 2019


Illinois’ electric grid and utility market over the next few decades will be determined by NextGrid, known as the “Illinois Utility of the Future Study.”  This 18-month, collaborative study grew out of the December 2016 enactment of the Future Energy Jobs Act (“FEJA”) and has been overseen by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

BOMA/Chicago advocates on behalf of the commercial office building industry with the belief that reliable energy at a lower cost is critical for a robust and competitive business climate in the City of Chicago.  BOMA/Chicago representatives were active participants in NextGrid working groups and deliberations during the entire process.

The ICC released its 265-page NextGrid Draft Final Report in mid-December. However, not all of positions and comments submitted by BOMA/Chicago are reflected in the draft report.

BOMA/Chicago and 24 other entities have filed comments in response to the ICC’s NextGrid Final Draft Report which was released in mid-December. In the public comments, BOMA/Chicago provided an evaluation of the impacts of past energy initiatives in Illinois that have led to dramatic increases in costs for the state’s electricity consumers and recommendations to improve the internal consistency, accuracy and value of the NextGrid Draft Final Report. The NextGrid Draft Final Report comments are posted online.

Subsequently, a Cook County Circuit Court judge issued a temporary injunction on January 14 barring the ICC from issing the NextGrid Report until a lawsuit alleging the commission violated the state's Open Meetings Act is resolved. BOMA/Chicago will continue to monitor.