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Aldermen Introduce New Street Performers Ordinance

September 11, 2017


In February, Aldermen Brenden Reilly of the 42nd Ward and Brian Hopkins of the 2nd Ward, introduced a proposal to amend the street performer ordinance to extend protections to local residents and businesses. The aldermen receive thousands of complaints about excessive noise from residents and businesses affected by street performers and the current law only serves to move the violating performer to another location. The proposal introduced by the Aldermen earlier this year sought to remove ambiguities in the existing law and make enforcement of the ordinance easier. The proposal passed the City Council’s Committee on Licensing, but amid threatened litigation from the ACLU, it was not considered by the full City Council at the February or March meetings.

In an effort to work with the ACLU, Alderman Reilly said he would try to find alternative locations for the musicians to play before bringing the measure back to the City Council. In March, following discussions with the ACLU, the two Alderman introduced a new proposal to revise the existing street performers ordinance.

It will be scheduled for a committee hearing in the future. Committee on Licensing. As of this writing, it is not known when the proposal will be heard. To review the new street performers proposal, click here.