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Preparedness Committee Open Meeting: Recap & Presentation Materials

May 16, 2017


Dealing with the Most Common Building Emergencies

Over the years, the BOMA/Chicago Preparedness Committee (formerly the Security Committee) has presented informative and educational sessions on, terrorism, active shooters, weather emergencies and other major man-made or natural disasters. But on Tuesday, May 16, the BOMA/Chicago Committee held an open meeting that featured a panel discussion of the most common emergencies that buildings encounter.

There were very few attendees in the audience that had not experienced a medical emergencies, slip and fall incident, elevator entrapment or bomb threat in their building.  Those were the topics covered by the panel of experts consisting of, John Busch a Protective Security Advisor with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Chief Brian Helmold of the Chicago Fire Department; Sergeant Joel Holler, the 1stDistrict Business Liaison from the Chicago Police Department; Keith Kambic of Equity Office Properties and the Director of Security at Willis Tower, and Erin parks, the Head of Security and Emergency Preparedness with Sterling Bay.

Below are the presentation slides and relevant handouts for each topic discussed by the panel.  The complete presentation document is also included.

Medical Emergencies

  • Presentation Slides – Medical Emergencies
  • BOMA/Chicago Best Practices – Medical Emergencies

Slip & Fall Incidents

  • Presentation Slides – Slip and Fall Incidents

Elevator Entrapments

  • Presentation Slides – Elevator Entrapments
  • BOMA/Chicago Best Practices – Elevator Entrapment

Bomb Threats

  • Presentation Slides – Bomb Threats
  • BOMA/Chicago Best Practices – Suspicious Items and Behavior
  • Bomb Threat Call Procedures Palm Card
  • Bomb Threat Management Plan Checklist
  • Bomb Threat Stand-Off Card
  • Catalog of Federally Sponsored Counter –IED Training and Education Resources
  • DHS Bomb Threat Checklist
  • DHS-DOJ Bomb Threat Guidance Quad-Fold
  • Fact Sheet – Virtual Instructor Led Training Courses (VILT)
  • Unattended + Suspicious Items Checklist
  • Additional resources can be found at:

Full Presentation Slides – Dealing with the Most Common Building Emergencies