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Update on Pedway Redesign Discussion

January 17, 2017


The Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) recently held a series of workshops to discuss possible improvements to the Chicago Pedway system. It is funding a $125,000 redesign of the main Pedway stretch beneath Randolph Street with the primary focus on the section that runs from Millennium Station to City Hall.

During the series of meetings, ELPC met with stakeholders along the route to identify problems and opportunities along the Pedway system. One of the main obstacles to changing the use and character of the Pedway is the uncertainty of who owns and controls the Pedway. While some of the route runs entirely through a building, other areas are characterized more as a public right-of-way and are not contained within a building’s perimeter. A question about whether the right-of-way has expired needs further research.

On January 12, a workshop was held focusing on the businesses and buildings on the route. BOMA/Chicago members on the route were advised of the meeting. BOMA/Chicago staff and many BOMA/Chicago members participated in the workshop and will continue to be part of the work group that will be developing recommendation, plans, and next steps for any Pedway improvements. ELPC has agreed to attend a meeting specifically for BOMA/Chicago members if there is a need to further address member concerns associated with building operations.