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BOMA/Chicago Meets with ComEd, Exelon and Senator Mattie Hunter

August 25, 2016

BOMA/Chicago leaders, staff and legislative and energy consultants met with Senator Mattie Hunter, Chairman of the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee, and representatives from Exelon and ComEd to discuss their proposed rate increase of $7.7 billion over the next ten years.

After BOMA/Chicago Government Affairs Director Ron Tabaczynski and Energy Consultant Michael Munson, Metropolitan Energy testified in opposition to the proposal at a committee hearing before Senator Hunter's Energy and Public Utilities Committee, Senator Hunter encouraged Exelon and ComEd to meet with BOMA/Chicago and agreed to facilitate that meeting.

How does this impact you? BOMA/Chicago buildings make up 5% of the total energy load and will be billed an estimated $385M more over ten years if the measure passes. This meeting was an important first step in beginning aconstructive dialogue directly with ComEd and Exelon regarding their proposed changes to energy policy in Illinois. As always, it is the goal of BOMA/Chicago to mitigate any potential threat to its members, and ensure that any impacts are as minimal as possible.