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Seeking Member Feedback on Expected Recycling Ordinance

June 30, 2016


Mayor Emanuel is expected to propose an amendment to the City’s recycling ordinance that will require source separation of recyclables in all buildings.  For BOMA/Chicago buildings, this is not expected to have a major impact because most are already engaged in source separation.  Source separation means that recyclables are separated from waste. The revised ordinance will still permit “single stream” recycling, meaning that once separated from waste, different types of recyclables (glass, plastic, paper) do not need to be further separated from each other in their own containers.

While it is believed that this will have minimal impact on existing BOMA/Chicago buildings, some residential building operators have argued that space limitations may make source separation impossible. This was a similar concern voiced by some vintage commercial buildings when the original recycling ordinance was being passed.

BOMA/Chicago would like to know if there are members who foresee problems with source separation due to space limitations or other factors.  Please contact Ron Tabaczynski at with any concerns.