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Contact Your Legislators: Mayor Emanuel’s Pension Reform Proposal

July 13, 2015


Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced a bold proposal to address a significant portion of Chicago's pension funding dilemma with an aggressive plan to decrease benefits, increase employee contributions and increase property taxes.

BOMA/Chicago's executive leadership determined that the responsible course of action is to support this effort. Painful as these measures may be, we believe the Mayor's plan is the most effective route to maintaining the competitiveness of our economy and business environment, a goal we share with the unions and the Mayor.

We believe that Mayor Emanuel's plan, embodied in Illinois Senate Bill 1922, is a painful but necessary step in that process. It settles 53 percent of our current liabilities for 70 cents on the dollar and provides a template for more. The Mayor's plan has the support of 31 of the 34 impacted unions and it deserves ours as well. This needs to be a collaborative effort by all the stakeholders.

If you agree with the position our leadership is advocating, we ask that you contact the Illinois Senators and Representatives who need to hear our views. You can do so by completing the online form below to send a message of support.

Time is of the essence now. Please act quickly. Click here to access the Voter Voice website and to send a message to your Governor, State Senator, State Representative and Pension Proposal Targets.