Are you looking for new ideas to engage your tenants while also promoting greater sustainability within your building? Review our list of local, non-profit organizations that support sustainable and green initiatives.

There are a number of local nonprofit organizations that reuse and recycle various items tenants may have on hand (and wish to discard). There is a large variety of items that could be collected, including prom dresses, toiletries, old towels and eyeglasses.

Many of our BOMA/Chicago buildings have partnered with these nonprofits and organized successful collection drives with their building tenants. For your convenience, BOMA/Chicago has comprised a list below of nonprofit organizations, including contact information and collection item. Special thanks to the following BOMA/Chicago members for creating this list:

  • Bonnie Boden, The Hearn Company
  • Rachael Bruketta
  • Susan Hammer, JLL
  • Lee Hebert, Accesso Services

Would you like to add a nonprofit organization that collects items to be reused or recycled to this list? If so, contact Amy Masters, Director of Marketing and Communications, at or (312) 870-9612.