RPA/FMA Online Course: Ethics is Good Business

April 19 - 21, 2021
4:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Member Price: $625

Non-Member Price: $700


Required RPA & FMA Course
April 19 and 21 (Two-Night Course)
4PM to 7:30PM Central CST
Joe Sherman, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Virtual/Adobe Connect Portal
Earn 8 CMCP Certification Credits by Enrolling

Property professionals are constantly under scrutiny from owners, tenants and the media. Ethical dilemmas will likely come your way in the workplace. Do you have the knowledge, skills and credentials to properly undertake those dilemmas? Our Ethics is Good Business course will help you understand the impact that ethical behavior can have on your professional performance and your property's bottom line. Topics covered in this course include tenant relations, confidentiality, record keeping and trade secrets, proper use of funds, conflicts of interest and more.

By taking this course, students will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental ethical terms.
  • Identify potential ethical challenges and apply theoretical ethical approaches.
  • Resolve difficult issues by employing an ethical decision-making model.
  • Cite examples of companies embracing a triple bottom line philosophy and identify how the concept can be implemented in your organization.

BOMA/Chicago Cancellation/Attendance Policy

  • A request to cancel registration for an Educational class must be submitted in writing via email up to 7 calendar days before the class starts in order to receive a 100% refund.  
  • The textbook must be returned unopened to BOMA/Chicago in all cases where a student cancels registration. Once the book has been opened, $200 will be owed since BOMA/Chicago cannot return an opened book.
  • Cancellation requests from scholarship recipients will not be entertained and become the full responsibility of the recipient if the student cannot attend the class.
  • All cancellation requests must be submitted directly to the Comptroller of BOMA/Chicago pjost@bomachicago.org for refund consideration.
  • No verbal or voicemail requests will be considered, honored or binding.
  • You will receive an email from the Comptroller, Paul Jost, confirming that he received your request to cancel.  If all of the above mentioned criteria are met, BOMA/Chicago staff will approve your refund and a refund will be processed within 2 weeks.  You will then receive either a check or a credit to your credit card depending on your original method of payment.

Caroline Foulk
2020 Full Designation Scholar
Property Associate at JLL
I switched to virtual learning half-way through my second RPA course. The virtual classes allow me to focus on course content and discussion rather than social distancing. In the online portal, I am able to take advantage of great resources, such as practice exams, class slides and more. I love learning from my home environment and feel I am getting all of the same knowledge and insight as I did in live classes. Through the chat and video functions, I can still connect personally with my instructors and fellow classmates. Networking is not dead in the virtual age!

Greg Boos
Property Manager at AmTrust Realty Corp
With COVID changing how we all live and learn, BOMA/Chicago has made every effort to stay ahead of the curve. When we transitioned to e-learning from classroom learning, I was hesitant because I learn best in-person. But I came to see that the online setting is still a great format to continue my RPA studies. Our instructors have made classes educational and interactive and students are able to ask questions in real time. Just like an in-person class, you are able to hear from other classmates and instructors about their experiences. I was truly impressed with how smooth the classes went, and I feel like I learned just as much as I would in-person. I am looking forward to my next RPA class!

Vivian Orozco
2020 Ollie Scholar
Property Administrator at Sterling Bay
As times are constantly changing, BOMA/Chicago has transitioned to virtual classes where students like myself are able to still engage with the instructor in a “live” setting, including engaging with other students as well. My Leasing & Marketing instructor, Charlie Moriarty, was still available to answer all my questions and further explain key concepts or provide examples for better understanding. I was able to learn so much from other students in my class and listen to their experiences with their properties. Having that still available in a virtual setting was very helpful in my learning!

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