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As the voice of Chicago’s office buildings, BOMA/Chicago is regularly sought out by key trade publications and local Chicago media to glean our thoughts, opinions and insights on trends affecting the commercial real estate industry. Through various interviews, features, editorials and press releases, BOMA/Chicago maintains a strong presence in top-tier Chicago media to help advance our organization’s position within the industry.

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August 29, 2019: Chicago Sun-Times

For the ‘Not Rahm’ mayor, there are no easy answers to Chicago’s fiscal woes

July 19, Cook County Record

Legal work ... can be done in Naperville': City services tax idea has professionals, associations on guard

July 17, 2019: Bisnow

Kaegi to Push Ahead on Property Tax Reforms in the Face of CRE Opposition

July 2, 2019: RE Journals

Five Midwest Properties Take Home an Award at 2019 TOBYs

June 26, 2019: Bisnow

Three Chicago Buildings Take Home International TOBY Awards

June 2, 2019: Chicago Tribune

Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi’s Property Tax Reforms Stall Out in Springfield

May 30, 2019: Crain's Business Chicago

Cook County Assessor's Tax Reform Bill Skids in Springfield

April 11, 2019: Bisnow

After 70 Years, Chicago Finally Gets a New Building Code

May 9, 2019: Chicago Tribune

Cook County Assessor Kaegi's Reform Bill Hits Roadblock in Speaker Madigan's House

March 29, 2019: Chicago Tribune

Downtown Chicago Lights Getting Turned Down for Earth Hour, Bird Migration

March 28, 2019: Bisnow

CRE Leaders Say Mayoral Choice Remains a Toss-Up

March 4, 2019: mother nature network (mnn)

Chicago Lawmakers Make the Case for Bird-Friendly Buildings

March 1, 2019: Crain’s Chicago Business

Yes, You Are Being Watched

February 13, 2019: Next City
Chicago Introduces Bird-Friendly Bird Ordinance

February 6, 2019: RE Journals
BOMA/Chicago announces 2019 Gold Circle TOBY Awards winners

February 5, 2019: BisNow
This Week's Chicago Deal Sheet

November 29, 2018: GlobeSt
BOMA Report Says Talent Customers Main Reasons Businesses Choose Chicago

November 29, 2018: The Real Deal
Young, Educated Workers Increasingly Choosing Downtown Over Suburbs

October 25, 2018: The Real Deal
Landlords prepare for possible fallout from Jason Van Dyke trial verdict

October 4, 2018: WGN TV
Chicago police, schools brace for Jason Van Dyke verdict

October 3, 2018: Chicago Tribune
As Jason Van Dyke trial comes to a close, Chicago police, businesses prepare for verdict

October 3, 2018: NBC Chicago
Chicago Prepares for Verdict in Jason Van Dyke's Murder Trial

September 6, 2018: Chicago Tribune
Rahm Emanuel's departure causes uncertainty for Chicago businesses

August 2018 Northern Illinois Real Estate Magazine
Tracking the Value of Healthy Indoor Environment (By Lance Knez)

July 9, 2018: RE Journals
Chicago's 100 N. Riverside Wins 2018 International TOBY Award

July 3, 2018: Bisnow
100 North Riverside Brings Home BOMA International TOBY Award

April 20, 2018; Bisnow
Chicago-Area Buildings To Vie For International BOMA Honors

November 14, 2017: Chicago Sun Times
Zoning Committee approves 4-star energy rating system for buildings

October 12, 2017: RE Journals
BOMA Chicago study: Office buildings continue to drive economy

October 12, 2017: Chicago Business Journal
Chicago's Office Buildings are a Major Economic Engine, Per New Study

September 5, 2017: Chicago Sun Times
Letter to the Editor from Michael Cornicelli: Chicago’s downtown pays fair share of taxes

June 29, 2017: Bisnow
Wrigley Building, 71 South Wacker Bring Home TOBY Awards

April 12, 2014: Chicago Tribune
A Watershed Moment: 25th Anniversary of the Great Chicago Flood

February 22, 2017: Bisnow
How One Man Helped Found the Only BOMA Diversity Program in the Country

Chicago Construction News: Winter 2017 Edition on Pages 18 & 19
Advocating and supporting members, including regulation, tax, and union negotiations

January 25, 2017: RE Journals
MB Real Estate VP named property manager of year by Chicago BOMA chapter

January 24, 2017:
News & Notables: BOMA/Chicago Recently Announced Winners of TOBY Awards

December 8, 2016: RE Journals
BOMA/Chicago has big goal this holiday season: collect more than 85,000 pounds of canned food for the needy

December 5, 2016: Crain's Chicago Business
Why Rauner should veto Exelon's bailout

November 29, 2016: Fox 32 Chicago
Heated debate continues over ComEd rate hike: 'Enough is enough!'

November 28, 2016: Belleville News - Democrat
Legislature might take up nuclear bail-out bill. How much will it cost you?

November 22, 2016: Chicago Tribune
Exelon teams up with Big Coal in subsidy-filled Springfield bill

November 22, 2016: Power Magazine
Exelon’s Legislative Effort to Save Illinois Nuclear Plants Moves Forward

November 22, 2016: Crain’s Chicago Business
Nuke bailout gets new life in Springfield energy bill

November 15, 2016: Crain’s Chicago Business
In play for coal support, Exelon loses key backers of energy bill

October 27, 2016: Chicago Tribune
How Chicago's Iconic Buildings Light Up for the Cubs
Video: Aon Center Installs Blue Lights for the Cubs
Video: Blue Cross Blue Shield Building Lit Up for the World Series

June 30, 2016: Bisnow
The Way these Chicago CRE Pros are Celebrating Independence Day

June 29, 2016: The Real Estate Weekly
BOMA Celebrates Annual TOBY Winners with DC Gala

June 29, 2016: Bisnow
Last Night’s TOBY Awards

June 29, 2016: Bisnow
Two Chicago Buildings Win TOBY International Honors

June 29, 2016: Bisnow
BOMA’s Biggest Cheerleading Section

June 16, 2016: Bisnow
Meet the Kids who Followed their Dad in Real Estate

April 22, 2016: RE Journals
BOMA/Chicago’s 2016 Diversity Celebration Raises $57,000 for the Ollie Scholarship Program

April 21, 2016: Bisnow
Emerging Leader Programs Encourage Networking, Diversity

April 6, 2016: DNAInfo
Why Is The Trump Tower Red, The Hancock Blue? Here's The Deal

January 26, 2016: RE Journals
A look at the winners of BOMA/Chicago’s 2016 Gold Circle, TOBY Awards

January 21, 2016: Bisnow
A Big Night at BOMA/Chicago's TOBY/Gold Circle Awards

January 6, 2016: Bisnow
Chicago Real Estate Pros Predict 2016's Driving Factors

October 28, 2015: ABC 7 News
Chicago City Council Approves Budget with Property Tax Hike

September 2015: Chicago Tribune
Editorial: Emanuel's budget: Raising taxes on ... somebody else

September 2015: Chicago Tribune
Emanuel paints dire future without record property tax hike

September 22, 2015: ABC 7 News
Chicagoans Concerned About Property Tax Hikes

September 16, 2015: Crain’s Chicago Business
Rauner all but kills Emanuel's property tax relief plan

September 16, 2015: Chicago Sun-Times
Downtown Building Owners call Emanuel’s Tax Relief Plan “Untenable”

September 15, 2015: Chicago Tonight
Emanuel Property Tax Hike to Spare Low, Middle-Income Homeowners

September 4, 2015: Chicago Business Journal
Chicago office building owners react to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's property tax hike proposal

September 3, 2015: Chicago Tribune
Emanuel set to call for largest property tax hike in modern Chicago history

June 2015: BUILDINGS
Six Ways to Cut Service Contract Costs

May 6, 2015: Chicago Defender
Chicago’s Leading Building Owners and Managers Celebrate Diversity

March 25, 2015: Midwest Real Estate News
The open office concept: Is it really a good or bad thing?

March 6, 2015: RE Journals
Chicago Board of Trade Building Takes Home Local TOBY

February 2015: Electrical Contractor
How Do You Office?

February 25, 2015:
A Chicago Masterpiece Rediscovered

Jan/Feb 2015: Green Building & Design
Chicago's Power Players

December 16, 2014:
BOMA/Chi. Elects New President/Officers

December 15, 2014: Chicago Tribune
T.J. Brookover of AmTrust Realty Corp. Named Board President of BOMA/Chicago

December 11, 2014: Midwest Real Estate News
BOMA’s T.J. Brookover: Ready for a year of growth, challenges

October 2014 Edition: Heartland Real Estate Business
Going Green has Become Mainstream

October 2, 2014: A|N Blog
Chicago's Big Building Owners Embrace Smart Grid

August 1, 2015: Building Design + Construction
BUILDINGChicago/Greening the Heartland Expo & Conference

June 20, 2014:
Cook County Now an Economic Player

June 7, 2014: Chicago Tribune
State Street, tax street: Nix the expansion

June 2, 2014: Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Loop Alliance drops plan to expand taxing district

June 2, 2014: Chicago Tribune
Loop tax area expansion plan scrapped

June 2, 2014: DNAinfo Chicago
Loop Alliance Plan to Spruce up Wabash, Michigan Avenues Scrapped

June 2, 2014: Crain’s Chicago Business
Chicago Loop Alliance nixes expansion of State Street tax district

May 22, 2014:
Loop Alliance Maps Out SSA Expansion

May 21, 2014: Chicago Tribune
Support shown for expanding State Street special tax district

May 21, 2014: DNAinfo Chicago
Loop Alliance Wants to Revamp Wabash Avenue: Business Owners Balk at Price

May 21, 2014:
BOMA Opposing Expansion of Loop SSA

May 2, 2014: Chicago Sun-Times
Downtown property owners brace for double whammy

May 2, 2014: Chicago Tribune
Loop tax area expansion plan draws ire

April 22, 2014: Bloomberg
Chicago Pension Measures in Doubt as Quinn Withholds Signature

April 7, 2014: Crain’s Chicago Business
Emanuel’s pension fix costly, but pain is likely to double

March 20, 2014: ABC7 Chicago
Concealed Carry Law Raises Liability Concerns for Business Owners

March 1, 2014: Journal of Property Management
Businesses Must Post Approved Signs to Keep Out Concealed Guns

January 3, 2014: Chicago Tribune
Businesses must post approved signs to keep out concealed guns

September 12, 2013:
After Fight, City Approves Energy Ordinance

September 11, 2013: Crain’s Chicago Business
Chicago Building Owners Must Disclose Energy Use

September 2, 2013: Crain’s Chicago Business
Who’s Who in Chicago Business

July 30, 2013: Chicago Tribune
Chicago wants large building owners to disclose energy consumption

July 26, 2013:
Proponents Explain Benchmarking Ordinance

July 19, 2013:
BOMA Opposes Mayor’s Energy Plan

July 17, 2013: Environmental Leader
Chicago Energy Rule Could Penalize Historic Buildings

July 15, 2013: Energy Manager Today
BOMA Opposes Mandatory Energy Benchmarking Disclosure In Chicago

July 11, 2013: High Rise Facilities
BOMA Chicago Issues Statement Opposing Proposed Public Disclosure of Energy Use

June 20, 2013:
Corporate Real Estate Gets Professionalized

June 18, 2013: Illinois Real Estate Journal
BOMA/Chicago mid-year review: Office activity in Chicago is increasing

June 13, 2013: BisNow Chicago
The (Half) Year in Review

June 13, 2013:
JLL Says Investors Bullish on the CBD

June 13, 2013: Sustainable Chicago
Filling in the Gaps at 515 N. State St

June 12, 2013:
Improving CBD Market Still Has Headwinds

May 7, 2013: BisNow Chicago
My Story: Michael Cornicelli

March 11, 2013: National Real Estate Investor
BOMA Strives to Sign Up Downtown Chicago Towers for Smart Grid Technology

March 5, 2013:
BOMA Outlines “Smart Grid” Cost Savings

March 4, 2013:
Chicago Smart Grid Initiative Launched

March 1, 2013: Smart Meters
Chicago Inaugurates Unique Smart Meter Plan

March 1, 2013: Illinois Real Estate Journal
Chicago Office Building Smart Grid Initiative Launched

February 28, 2013: Crain’s Chicago Business
Downtown Office Landlords Launching Own Smart Meter Program

February 4, 2013:
BOMA/Chicago Announces 2012-13 Award Winners

February 1, 2013: High Rise Facilities
BOMA/Chicago Announces Gold Circle and “The Outstanding Building of the Year” (TOBY) Awards Winners

January 7, 2013: Crain’s Chicago Business
Hang in There, Chicago: An Upturn is Ahead