Participate in BOMA/Chicago’s Building Lighting Partner Program

By: | August 21, 2013

Building Lighting Partner Program Background

Chicago has the world-wide reputation as the "Windy City" and the home of the first skyscraper. But all Chicago residents know and can easily envision the true gem of our city -- the Chicago skyline and our beautiful buildings that light up the night.

BOMA/Chicago building members include all of the city’s iconic office buildings that comprise this skyline along with 95% of downtown Chicago's total rentable building area. This is why many organizations reach out to us in regards to lighting up the skyline for their various civic and philanthropic causes.

In an effort to assist our members with the multitude of light requests they receive on a monthly basis, BOMA/Chicago created the Building Lighting Partner Program. This program allows BOMA/Chicago to collect and review all downtown Chicago light requests and subsequently provide our member buildings with light recommendations. It is important to note that all of our building members are independently owned and managed and that BOMA/Chicago does not mandate that building members light up for the initiatives we approve.

Submit a Building Light Request Application

If you are interested in having our downtown building members light up the sky for your civic or philanthropic cause, please review the Building Lighting Partner Program Policies & Guidelines. After you review these guidelines, please submit a building lighting request application.

List of Upcoming Light Requests Approved by BOMA/Chicago

If you have any questions about this application or the Building Lighting Partner Program process, please contact:

Jaclynne Madden
(312) 870-9608
[email protected]

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