BOMA/Chicago Members, Join a Committee Today & Take an Active Role in the Industry

By: | October 25, 2013

Participation in BOMA/Chicago’s member committees is an effective way to build your professional network and take an active leadership role in the industry. All affiliate and building members are welcome to participate on committees.

To apply for any committee, you must be a BOMA/Chicago member. Click here to access the online committee application. Membership on all committees is designated to the individual and his/her employer and is not transferable to another. Once the completed application is received, it will be sent to the BOMA/Chicago staff liaison who will present the application to the appropriate chairs for review. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Codes Committee
Reviews code compliance problems and interpretations; drafts and recommends code changes; works with appropriate City departments on codes issues.

BOMA/Chicago Foundation Diversity Committee
The Diversity Committee's mission is to recruit underrepresented and minority professionals to the commercial real estate industry and to promote professional diversity. Through scholarships, education programs and other efforts, the Committee focuses on retaining diverse talent in the CRE industry and forging avenues for professional growth of underrepresented groups, such as but not limited to racial, ethnic, LGBTQ and disabled groups.

Education Committee
The Education Committee identifies training that fulfills the needs of all members working at a range of career levels and with various commercial real estate responsibilities and offers courses to meet those needs using various formats and media.  The Committee manages the selection, training and performance of instructors, monitors the content and instruction of the offerings and evaluates the success each education program including venue, instruction, and content.  The Committee determines scholarship requirements and selects recipients for the RPA course track.  For all designation/certification education, the Education Committee ensures that the courses and instruction meet or exceed the standards set by the designation provider.

Preparedness Committee
Develops, analyzes, and implements emergency preparedness and life safety measures with a focus on the strategic planning and implementation of citywide emergency preparedness and business continuity efforts.

Emerging Leaders Committee
Provides career development, educational, and networking opportunities for BOMA/Chicago members with 10 years or less experience in commercial real estate.

Energy & Sustainability Committee
Evaluates issues relating to energy procurement and use, including electricity, natural gas, energy services, “green” technologies, conservation, and sustainability, and recommends policy positions and actions.

Communications Committee
Manages the development and distribution of information to BOMA/Chicago members, the public, and others through the website, newsletter, public relations, TOBY Awards, and special events.
Events Committee
Fosters participation of Building Members and Affiliate Members in networking events by planning and executing events that support BOMA/Chicago, benefit and recognize the best interests of all Members and are conducive to networking between Affiliate Members and Building Members; assists other Committees with planning and executive of events they sponsor.

Taxation Committee
Analyzes proposed City, County and State tax policies and legislation as they affect the industry; develops and recommends BOMA/Chicago positions on taxation; conducts research on appropriate taxation issues.

**Resources related to this topic, such as the committee application form, are exclusive to BOMA/Chicago members.  To access these resources, you must be a member and you must log into the website. If you have not yet logged in, please scroll to the top of the page and log in using your username and password (top, right-hand side of webpage). If you need help accessing your password, please click here and follow the instructions. Once you log in, you will see resources relevant to this topic at the bottom of the page.