Host a September Blood Drive for Emergency Preparedness Month

By: | August 05, 2017

BOMA/Chicago Blood Drive Initiative Overview

Did you know that by donating one unit of blood, you can save up to three lives? Imagine if all of the tenants in your building donated blood. How many units could be collected? How many lives could you save...a few hundred? And if all of BOMA/Chicago's Building Members hosted a drive together, how many lives could we save...thousands?

In 2016, BOMA/Chicago members hosted 134 blood drives. In total, we impacted a total of 11,208 lives by donating 3,736 units of blood through partnerships with the Red Cross, Lifesource and Heartland Blood Centers.

Host a September Blood Drive for Emergency Preparedness Month

BOMA/Chicago encourages all member buildings to host a blood drive in September for Emergency Preparedness month. So far in 2017, we have hosted 95 drives and collected 2,680 units of blood. You can help save lives by hosting a blood drive in your building during September (or a time that works best for your team and tenants). Please read through our Blood Drive Guide to learn more about scheduling a drive. Reach out to any of our three blood drive partners (listed below) to schedule your drive.

Heartland Blood Centers
Tammy Winchester
Senior Blood Program Consultant
(331) 276-8871

Christine Simons
Donor Recruitment
(847) 260-2569

Red Cross
Dana Clemmans
Donor Recruitment Account Manager
(312) 388-4715

BOMA/Chicago Blood Drive Initiative Q&A

Where are blood drives being held this month? The Red Cross, LifeSource and Heartland Blood Centers publish a list of upcoming blood drives on their websites. For a list of upcoming Red Cross drives, please click here (type in the zip code close to you in the search field on the left). For a list of upcoming LifeSource drives, please click here (scroll to the center of the page and type in a zip code in the "Search for Nearby Drives" field). For a list of upcoming drives hosted by Heartland Blood Centers, please click here.

What are BOMA/Chicago's designated blood drive months? We have chosen two months of the year, March and September, as official blood drive months. Although we encourage you to host a drive whenever is best for you, we want to bring all of you together to host drives during March and September of each year.

What is involved? Planning a blood drive is a simple, seven-step process that we outline within the BOMA/Chicago Blood Drive Guide.

Who should I contact to host a drive? Please reach out to LifeSource, the Red Cross or Heartland Blood Centers directly to host a blood drive. These are BOMA/Chicago’s blood drive partners. Contact information for both is located on Page 2 in the BOMA/Chicago Blood Drive Guide.

What is the deadline to host a drive? LifeSource, the Red Cross and Heartland Blood Centers prefer that you schedule a drive at least 12 weeks in advance. However, our partners will try to accommodate any timeframe you propose.

Why should you host a drive? Hosting blood drives brings value to your buildings through tenant engagement and demonstrates that your team, owner and tenants have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.

For any other questions, please contact Jaclynne Madden, BOMA/Chicago Marketing & Education Program Manager, at 312-870-9608 or via email.

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