Website User Training Documents

By: | December 10, 2013

BOMA/Chicago's website reflects the interactive and collaborative industry it represents. Like a well-designed blueprint, TOBY Award-winning building management team or a thorough security plan, BOMA/Chicago does not cut any corners when it comes to keeping our members in the loop with relevant, easy-to-find resources. We are confident that you will find yourself intuitively navigating through information and resource materials on this website that will keep you in the know. But if you do need a little help along the way, we designed the training materials below so that you can learn all of the ins and outs of this new platform. Click below to access the training documents we outline by topic.

How to Post a Job or Resume to the Job Bank.pdf847.55 KB
Affiliate Administrator Fact Sheet.pdf164.38 KB
Affiliate Members Training Guide.pdf1.5 MB
Building Administrator Fact Sheet.pdf164.3 KB
Building Members Training Guide.pdf1.12 MB
Member Center User Guide.pdf1.02 MB
Building Member Directory Training Document.pdf786.68 KB
Find a Service Provider Training Document.pdf586.59 KB