Communicating with Professionalism and Diplomacy

By: | July 05, 2013

Communicating with Professionalism & Diplomacy

  • Do you find it difficult to say ‘no’ to some people?
  • Have you ever thought of the perfect response to an important situation or question AFTER the fact or wished you handled a situation differently when talking with a tenant, co-worker, family or friend?
  • Are you interested in learning some techniques and strategies to respond to pressure situations with confidence and ease?

If you answered ‘YES’ to at least one of the above questions, this workshop is for you!

Benefits Overview:

Build and strengthen your professional and interpersonal communication skills and manage your responsibilities with tact, poise and polish. Attending this two-hour, interactive workshop will provide tips and techniques to build credibility, overcome communication snags, use communication tools effectively and better understand the different generations and personality styles we interact with on a regular basis.

What You Will Learn:

  • Five Keys to Building Credibility
  • How to Say ‘NO’ Without Using the Word ‘NO’
  • Tips to Communicate Effectively with Different Generations (focus will be on Silent Generation, Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Generation Y)
  • Traits of Four Core Personality Styles (includes a self-assessment tool to identify your primary style)

Communicating more effectively will enhance your ability to accomplish personal and professional goals, including: saving time and money, generating revenue, increasing operational efficiencies, building and strengthening relationships or delivering messages with professionalism and diplomacy.