September 20 Emergency Planning Brown Bag: The Do’s, Don’ts & Language Legalities

By: | August 07, 2017

Emergency Planning: The Do’s, Don’ts & Language Legalities
Hosted by SFPC & Associates, Inc.
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 12 – 1 p.m.
115 South LaSalle; Room 801/802
Lunch will be served!

When you read your emergency plan, do you understand it? Does it seem likely it will be implemented in a moment’s notice? SFPC & Associates will discuss how to create an effective emergency plan, how to ensure its implementation, as well as the legalities of the language used within your plan.

It is very common for emergency plans to be developed from a template, making them too short with not enough detail to be useful. Other times, plans are created from scratch, resulting in a detailed and informative document that comes in handy to read before an emergency, but not effective during one.

Our presentation will review how to create an outline for your plan and overcome obstacles such as rare case scenarios. We will also discuss how you can keep your plan effective without sacrificing content and what type of language should be included/excluded to decrease your risk of litigation should an emergency occur.

In addition to creating an emergency plan, SFPC will review the building and tenant responsibilities, as well as how first responders should fit into both plans.

By attending this Brown Bag, you will learn about how to:

  • Avoid common mistakes that open the building up to increased liability when designing an emergency plan.
  • Make an emergency plan effective and how to address rare and unforeseen circumstances in the emergency plan.
  • Positively engage and educate tenants on what is expected of them and their plans during an emergency. 

Speaker: Garrett McMahon, VP Business Development at SFPC & Associates, Inc.
Garrett McMahon is a team-oriented leader with a successful track record in corporate management, strategy, sales, marketing, business development, web development, profitability and logistics. Garrett has worked with an array of small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, which has allowed him to incorporate and educate others on what has been successful for others without making avoidable and foreseen business errors. 

Garrett has spent the majority of his career in the fire and life safety field and now assists companies and buildings bridge the gap between life safety and tenant relations by turning required systems and upgrades into tenant retention assets. Garrett enjoys taking chaotic and disruptive situations/systems and developing them into orderly, successful and smooth operations – benefiting all parties involved.


Brown Bag seminars qualify for one Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit for graduates of the RPA, FMA and/or SMA designation programs. To earn this credit, please register and attend. Then follow up with BOMA/Chicago to request an official CPD certificate.