BOMA/Chicago Faculty Members & Faculty Application Process

By: | July 05, 2013

BOMA/Chicago works hand-in-hand with the best CRE faculty in the city. Our faculty members have the perfect combination of work experience and education so that eager students can feast on the knowledge that will propel their careers forward. Whether you want to register for Foundations of Real Estate Management or take an advanced designation course, our faculty will teach you what you need to know and lead you to a path of success.

Join the BOMA/Chicago Faculty to Teach RPA and FMA Designation Courses

To be considered as a faculty member, you must first meet the following criteria:

  • Subject matter expertise.
  • A minimum of five years’ experience in commercial real estate.
  • Membership of your building or company in BOMA/Chicago.

For the opportunity to join the BOMA/Chicago Faculty, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the online faculty application form.
  2. Interview with a BOMA/Chicago member who has expertise in your subject area. If you are currently teaching another course, a member of the Faculty Selection Subcommittee may observe your presentation,
  3. Interview with the Faculty Development Subcommittee and present of a lesson to the Subcommittee. For your presentation, you will be provided a sample lesson from the course you are applying to teach. After your presentation, the Faculty Development Subcommittee will decide if you will be recommended to the Education Committee for approval as an instructor.
  4. Complete the BOMI Faculty Development Program.
  5. Sign the Faculty Agreement to teach for BOMA/Chicago.
  6. Work with BOMA/Chicago to decide the best classes for you to teach to our membership.

The BOMA/Chicago Faculty Development Subcommittee is seeking new instructors to teach the following RPA and FMA Courses:

  • Asset Management
  • Budgeting & Accounting
  • Design, Operation and Maintenance of Building Systems - Part 1
  • Design, Operation and Maintenance of Building Systems - Part 2
  • Environmental Health & Safety Issues
  • Ethics is Good Business
  • Law & Risk Management
  • Real Estate Investment & Finance

Courses are generally taught one day a week from 5:30PM - 8:30PM for seven weeks. All course descriptions and outlines can be found on the BOMI International website or by clicking here.

BOMA/Chicago Faculty:

  • Bonnie Boden
  • Jay D. Cimo
  • Bob DeMarke
  • Mike Giese
  • Susan Hammer
  • Dave Johnson
  • Hal 'Corky' Kessler
  • Bob Klinger
  • David Macknin
  • Bill Middleton
  • Charlie Moriarty
  • Rick Needham
  • Mike Reilly
  • Bob Six