Sept. 20: Fundamentals of Emergency Preparedness in the Central Business District

By: | September 13, 2016

The BOMA/Chicago Preparedness Committee (formerly the Security Committee) will be sponsoring an open meeting for all BOMA/Chicago members on Tuesday, September 20 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Aon Center Auditorium.  The meeting will feature presentations from the City’s first responder agencies focusing on fundamentals of emergency preparedness.

Any successful preparedness plan starts with solid fundamentals.  This meeting will be an opportunity to become familiar with the City’s first responders and to learn about the communication and information initiatives that your building should be participating in including:

  • How to register your building with CP3/FIMS  so that you receive official information. In a large scale emergency, being registered in the system may be necessary for your critical personnel  to access your building and begin recovery operations.
  • The Chicago High Rise Life Safety Ordinance requires certified Fire Safety Directors at every building.  Learn about your responsibility and how your essential personnel become certified.
  • How to recognize and report suspicious activity; when to call 911; and how to work with your Chicago Police Department’s Business Liaison Officer.

The meeting is exclusive to BOMA/Chicago members and is free to attend.  However, due to space restrictions, attendees are asked to register in advance.   

Click here to register.