Two New Energy Efficiency Programs Available to Office Buildings

By: | January 24, 2017

For years BOMA/Chicago has advocated for energy consumers to have access to their energy usage data, worked to secure smart meter deployment and has pioneered the use of real time data in energy management.  Now two new programs designed to seek energy efficiency through data and analytics and are available to building operators.

The US Department of Energy Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

To promote and advance the use of Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) and monitoring-based commissioning (MBx) for increased energy savings, the US Department of Energy has launched the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign.

The campaign seeks to organize and encourage building owners, facility managers, energy managers, and operators of commercial buildings to share successes and to recognize best practices through annual awards for exemplary performance.

Through the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance, with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), and other key organizers, will work with industry to encourage and track adoption of EMIS technology used with MBCx and other energy management processes in the commercial buildings sector.

The campaign is open to commercial building owners, facility or energy managers and operators of a single site over 50,000 square feet or a portfolio or campus of commercial buildings.  Buildings may be located in any region of the United States and in any market sector.

Participants in the campaign will make a customized pledge to install an EMIS or use an existing EMIS to analyze data and identify energy-saving improvements, and to take action to implement energy-saving improvements and report the results.

Participants in the campaign will be able to receive technical assistance on EMIS questions from Lawrence Berkley National Lab. 

For more information or to join as a participant in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, visit

Smart Buildings Operations Pilot

A new pilot program will demonstrate how energy-use data can transform the efficiency of Chicago buildings. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the Accelerate Group, and  ComEd, have launched a new collaboration to inform and incentivize energy-efficient decisions in large buildings.

Incentives are provided to buildings based on performance.  They include up to $5,000 up-front to pay for metering, integration, or software costs and $0.05/kWh when compared to baseline energy usage and netting out other EE programs.

Similar to the goals of the BOMA Chicago Energy Center Smart Grid Initiative, which allows participating buildings to view their real time energy usage data in two-second intervals real time, the Smart Buildings Operations Pilot will combine real-time information, hour-by-hour energy-use targets, and financial incentives to motivate building operators to make more energy-efficient choices.

Buildings interested in joining the pilot or learning more should visit

For more information about the BOMA Chicago Energy Center Smart Grid Initiative, contact Ron Tabaczynski at [email protected].