April 11 Open Energy Committee Meeting: Changes to EPA's Energy Star Program

By: | February 09, 2018

Energy and Sustainability Committee Open Meeting
Tuesday, April 11
121 W. Wacker from 2 to 3 p.m.
Free for BOMA/Chicago Members!

The Energy and Sustainability Committee will host an open meeting at 121 W. Wacker at 2 p.m. to review changes to the EPA's ENERGY STAR Program and the City of Chicago’s 4-star rating system for energy efficiency. This meeting will review the planned ENERGY STAR metrics update for Commercial Buildings and how that update might (negatively) affect ENERGY STAR scores in August 2018. Additional details regarding the metric update, such as a revision of electricity source conversion and the reappearance of the “Apply Estimates” option for data centers, will also be discussed.

Josh Schubert will lead the discussion. Josh is the Director of Energy Engineering for Goby, a cloud-based platform for energy management, sustainability reporting, and invoice automation. Josh is one of the most active ENERGY STAR-certifiers in the country, and is an affiliate member of the BOMA/Chicago Energy and Sustainability Committee.