Energy Benchmarking and EPA Energy Star

By: | July 09, 2013

BOMA/Chicago supports the practice of energy benchmarking through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager tool.

Portfolio Manager is an interactive energy management tool that allows commercial buildings to track and assess energy and water consumption for a single building or across an entire portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment.

Some buildings will also receive an ENERGY STAR score.  The ENERGY STAR score is a benchmark that indicates how efficiently buildings use energy on a 1-100 scale. A score of 50 indicates that energy performance is average compared to similar buildings, while a score of 75 or better indicates top performance, and means a building may be eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR label.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager


BOMA/Chicago and BOMA International are vocal proponents of making commercial buildings more energy efficient and have rolled out several local and national programs to help members achieve this goal.

Benchmarking through the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is a critical step in this process, but sharing energy management data with BOMA/Chicago and BOMA International’s Master Account.

By agreeing to share your energy management progress helps highlight the industry’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Each BOMA organization uses this data to track the progress of the commercial real estate industry in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the voluntary marketplace. This allows each organization to show policy makers that operators of commercial real estate can reduce energy consumption without new mandates.

The BOMA STARS campaign recognizes those companies that see the value in this important step as a means to effectively show that market transformation is working.

Five Reasons to Be BOMA Stars

  • Demonstrate to policymakers that a voluntary marketplace is working.
  • Understand your building’s energy consumption.
  • Be confident that your building’s data is secure; only aggregate data will be reported.
  • Improve energy management and increase NOI.
  • Join the movement for market transformation because it makes sound business sense.

Sharing your data through ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is easy and secure. For over 90 years, BOMA has gone to great lengths to ensure that the data your company has submitted for BOMA’s Experience Exchange Report® (EER) is kept confidential in the data collection and reporting processes. EER data is reported only in the aggregate, and no one outside key BOMA staff has access to individual building information. Over the years, we have earned the industry’s confidence. Data shared with the BOMA/Chicago and BOMA International Master Account through Portfolio Manager is treated similarly. Neither BOMA/Chicago or BOMA International identify the submitters by name or location within a market, and all published data is aggregated to keep this information confidential.

Download instructions for sharing Energy Star data.

If you have questions about the BOMA/Chicago Master Account, please contact Ron Tabaczynski at [email protected].

For questions about the BOMA International Master Account, please contact [email protected].

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