Fire Safety Director Recertification: Do Not Allow Your 2016 Certification to Expire

By: | February 20, 2018

Fire Safety Director Recertification – Do Not Allow Your 2016 Certification to Expire!
Individuals who received their Chicago Fire Safety Director certification in 2016 must recertify this year. There will be no grace period. With over 1900 individuals who must recertify this year, the Chicago Fire Department is urging those with expiring certification to recertify as soon as possible.

The due date for recertification is the date that the certification was received. Any delay in recertification, including delays in processing payments, may result in the certification expiring.

Any individual whose certification expires will be required to take the Fire Safety Director Certification class. All individuals recertifying will be required to take the practical examination at their building.

Recertify Online
You can recertifiy online by logging into the CFD website with the name and password that you were issued at the time of certification. Visit the CFD’s Fire Safety Director Certification website by clicking here.

Do Not Create a New Account
It is important that anyone recertifying use only the original name and password. Creating a new login account will create a second account and a second certification requirement.

Individuals who have forgotten their login information or who are having difficulty logging in should contact Deputy District Chief Walter Schroeder at 312-747-1675 or [email protected] with questions.